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Exposed Temptations Tattoo Studio
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 334 reviews
 by Robyn Keller
Amazing service - Highly Professional
City & State: Fairfax, VA

Amazing service , they were very kind about me getting my paperwork and they were very professional. I got my septum peirced by Deaus and he was very personable and explained the healing to me , he also took the time to adjust the jewelry to fit me better. 10/10 amazing work. I also went to get my tragi done but instead of accepting the higher priced peircing Ian informed me that they would have rejected because if my small tragi! He could have scammed me but he didn't and we chose a better peircing for my anatomy!

I also just went back to get my Medusa peirced and Lauren was absolutely amazing! Super friendly and encouraging. They let me have a moment for a breather and they even changed my nostril jewelry out for me! They are super efficient and the vibes are immaculate! They were respectful and amazing to work with!

 by Omidi Baby
Top Notch
City & State: Centreville, VA

Fast, efficient and have attention to details. This is the spot for your Piercings and Tattoos. G, in Particular is top notch for tattoos .

 by Alarie
Great Piercing Experience
City & State: Manassas, VA

Piercer here was very personable and accommodating. Everything was beyond expectations and I had a great experience coming into this shop.

 by Tanner
Great Work
City & State: Manassas Park, VA

Rooster is awesome, great work, good conversation! I will return!

 by Brieanna Elmore
Touch up/Cover Up
City & State: Centreville, VA

Thank you Luke so much for doing my touch-up/cover-up! You added so much with the mountains, trees, and ink splatters! You were also thoughtful with the brush swipe I had on one side, and added another on the other side of the owl~

I adore this tattoo so so much 😁💕 I'll definitely be coming back one day and I'll recommend you to everyone I know! 🤩

 by Noelia Corea
Amazing Job
City & State: Manassas, VA

Samara did an amazing job! I love my tattoo! She was so sweet and funny and made my tattoo exactly how I envisioned it. 10/10 experience ❤️

 by Jennifer Mijo
Amazing Job
City & State: Yorkshire, VA

Samara Did an amazing job. Super friendly and all around good vibes. This was my first tattoo and I will be going to see her again. Will recommend her and the shop to everyone ☺️

 by Wanda Marin
My 1st tattoo
City & State: Bristow, VA

I was very nervous in getting my 1st tattoo I would like to say Samara was amazing she was very attentive to detail and explaining what to do before and the aftercare. This tattoo is very meaningful to me and special I will definitely recommend getting your tattoo from Samara she is awesome you won't be disappointed.

 by Arthur Lazatin
Septum Piercing
City & State: Manassas, VA

Great place, great people and great atmosphere.

I called in early to see if i could get in for a septum and they took me in right away. Signed some paperwork, and was in a room within minutes.

Septum was done in about 5 mins and I was out!

Highly recommend!

 by Najia Lindh
Started Coming here in 2016
City & State: Fairfax, VA

i’ve always had an amazing experience with temptations!!!! went back today after moving back to the area a little while ago, and they are still the best place i’ve ever been to! i regret not asking who pierced me today, but i do know the piercer i had today was the most patient, intuitive, kindest person i’ve ever been with, between tattoos and piercings. wish i could’ve asked her name. even with re-piercing & the scar tissue, my piercings today were as painless as they could get. prior-hand i’ve had Deus, who pierced me, and while reading these comments i want to reiterate, this man is amazing at what he does. i remember when first going in 2016, i’ve never felt so comfortable. i’m more comfortable with straightforward, factual, humorous and just raw people, even though i am shy and awkward + passive myself, the exact opposite. i’ve never had a problem with the piercings here along with the people. even today since 2016, last here 2019, it’s still the same amazing service. relatively painless, they literally verbalize what you may feel and each step, and so on. even whilst in Richmond, i waited till i visited family to come to this place. cleanest, realest, best piercing place ever. and to who did my piercings last night, THANK YOU!!! you were such a sweetheart and i know i can be an awkward, socially anxious person, so thank you for being patient with my weird small talk lol. i appreciate this business, even if some of y'all “don’t like” the “attitudes” described by some comments, they are not rude and if you feel like they may be, please know what’s most important, this is one of the cleanest, finest, most ethical piercing places out there!!! i’m very prone to keloids and have had horrible experiences with other places, between bleeding and infections, this place guarantees your safety, your well-being, low risk of infection, this is where you need to go if you want a safe and nice healing process/experience!!

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