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Yelping from the rooftops

Jul 11, 2012 by Lea G.
City And State: Pensacola, FL 

I've gotten 3 tattoos here (one being a cover-up). I'm very happy with the work. Scotty did the cover up and I could not be happier. He was tattooing my butt, and was very professional given that my pants were off for 2 hours. Cost a bit, but since it's on my body forever it may be worth it.

I've also had several (6) piercings done here, and I'm very pleased with Jen's work.

Cleanest tattoo shop I have ever been in

Mar 20, 2012 by Napualokelani K.
City And State: Woodbridge, VA 

Let me first say that this is one of the cleanest tattoo shops I've EVER been in. I got my first tattoo back in college in Colorado in 1995 so I've been at this for a while and have been in numerous shops. I like that this shop has private rooms so you're not getting your work in front of the whole world.

I got two pieces done here. The first was in December 2010 by Scotty on my right inner forearm. I went back in July 2011 to get a piece for my birthday and was informed that Scotty was no longer there so Vanis handled a cover up on the back of my neck and did an awesome job.

I really love both pieces that I got here, but I will agree with the other reviewers that stated the pricing is kind of on the high side, but you really do get what you pay for .

I want to make a slight modification to my forearm piece so I'm planning on going back to the shop to consult with Vanis . hopefully he's still there!

Shark & Scorpian repair

Jan 26, 2012 by Chris M
City And State: Glendale, CA 

My first tattoo here was a scorpion on my right arm done by an artist no longer there . she did good work but had a heavy hand that later would be corrected by Vanis .

I first met Vanis on a cover up I was going to get on my upper right arm. I wanted a Shark but a shark that was Bad Ass. Vanis was like come back in 2 days and I will have something ready for you

I left wondering what kind of Shark he would draw up for the session . I returned as asked and when he showed me the outline I was like yeah I don't know . But Vanis was like give me a chance to show you what I have vision with the colors and final detail .

Well There I was in Vanis' chair getting blasted on and that is as they say "Murder he Wrote" This cover up would lead me to begin my sleeve that Vanis would design & complete .

A total of 11 sessions in all when you include the Shark & Scorpion repair . I can say I built a friendship with Vanis that will have me back again soon .

The Owner Piper knows this business and with the cleanliness of the shop & artists working for him it shows!!!! If you are in Northern Virginia and looking for Ink then you should definitely stop in and ask for Vanis!!!

I swear the truth and only the truth

Jan 06, 2012 by Lydia F.
City And State: Chantilly, VA 

Upon my original experience, I would have to give them only one star. However, they really fixed the problem and made me a fan!

I have one tattoo, and it means a lot to me. When I got it done, I had never had any tattoos before, so I didn't know what to expect. The girl who tattooed me was very nice. Unfortunately, she was not a very good tattoo artist. My tattoo turned out TERRIBLE! I was so upset. It was my only tattoo and tattoo experience, and I couldn't believe how poorly it turned out. My friends who also got tattoos that day by Scotty agreed .and their tattoos turned out beautiful.

However, I went back for someone else to look at it, and Greg Piper (the owner, I believe) looked at my tattoo and agreed to have someone redo it for free. He then informed me that the original artist that did my tattoo no longer worked there (I wonder WHY!). Jen redid my tattoo, and she did a great job! They have a one free touch up policy, if you go in within three months for them to look at it. She told me to come back in about a month to look at it. When I went back, she touched up a few things, and it looks even better now.

I think the prices are high, but the staff is super friendly, and they make you feel very comfortable. They certainly didn't judge me as a "non-inked" person when I walked in, which was nice.

Unfortunately, Jen is moving to Hawaii! (Well, unfortunately for me.) However, friends have had Scotty and Greg (Piper) do their tattoos, and all of them have turned out great, so I will be sure to see one of them if I return for another tattoo.

"Quality work isn't expensive, It's priceless."

Jan 04, 2012 by Google User
City And State: Chantilly, VA 

They say on their Facebook "Quality work isn't expensive, It's priceless." I paid $120 for two nostril piercings with captive bead hoops. Steep, but I would do it again. Nicest guy I met and overall the most professional people I've meet. I read a few places complaining about the front desk lady and I want to call bull on that. She wasn't rude or rushed, she was just busy. Coming from a small business background, I can completely understand her position and in no way did she come off as unfriendly. I really liked the environment. Very Clean and comfortable. I will defiantly consider this place for tattoos and recommend them for piercings.

Liked: Value, Service, Artists


Dec 08, 2011 by Kara C.
City And State: Centreville, VA 

I went Sunday to get my nipples pierced and it was an overall great experience she was very knowledgeable and just easy to talk to. Plus gave all the after care information even a brochure to take home. I felt very comfy around her and can't wait to go back possibly this weekend 🙂

Good Place to get a tattoo

Dec 03, 2011 by Don S
City And State: Chantilly, VA 

Good quality and professional artists. The only reason I didn't give it more stars is the cost. I currently have six tattoos, most of them very large, but I went here to get a simple one done. When I brought the design, they quoted me $250. At first I thought this was very expensive, but I have seen the work and know this artist can turn an ordinary tattoo into something amazing. He said it will take about two hours to do. After he told me that, I agreed to the pay the $250. It only took him 45 minutes to finish and I still had to pay the $250. He did a good job on the tattoo, but the price should have been adjusted based on the time it took him. If you go there, make sure you agree on a reasonable price before getting work done.


Nov 25, 2011 by Jane D
City And State: Manassas Park, VA 

I would highly recommend Exposed Temptations. I have received three tattoos there and all of them were by Carrie. She is awesome. She is such a great artist with a terrific eye for detail. She constantly had me cracking up which is a great distraction when she is doing the shading right on your spine! The shop is very clean and they are pretty OCD about it which makes me happy. The people are awesome and I am looking forward to my next sitting with her coming up soon.


Oct 20, 2011 by Lisa A.
City And State: Manassas, VA 

This place mostly has a very friendly staff! They are pretty expensive. I got two tattoos done here and both times felt like they were rushed. When looking to get another one I came in and they talked to me about what I wanted. The receptionist was kinda rude. They gave me a price quote and told me I 'd have to make an appointment. So I told them I'd call them and then I went to another tattoo place down the street and they told me they could do it right now for a cheaper price. I got it done at the other place and that one is definitely my favorite tattoo!


Feb 26, 2011 by B.H.
City And State: Washington, DC 

I'm reading the reviews here and think that you guys who are saying they're too expensive are ridiculous. Go to a real city (Manassas is not a real city) and look at tattoo prices .I considered the $250 price a fair deal - especially for the excellent work that was done. My artist (Corey) was patient while I explained in detail what I wanted. When I returned the following day for my appointment, he was well prepared and I was amazed at how well he had translated what I was thinking. A two-hour long session went by quickly, as the conversation kept following (And thank goodness because my tat *hurt*.)
We've already made another appointment for him to correct work we had done in Vegas a couple of years ago.

I also might add that the girl at the front was polite and extremely helpful. The actual parking lot is a bit shady, but then again, what in Manassas ISN'T shady?
Would definitely recommend. So glad I didn't end up going to Georgetown to spend lots of money!

Exposed Temptations Tattoo Studio , USA 4.7 5.0 86 86 Dëus, did my PA. It was very awesome. Very little pain. Giving blood is way more painful. I highly recommend this person. He also made me feel comfortable.
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